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Janvier 2022

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Domaine David Clark à Morey St Denis...

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Domaine David Clark à Morey St Denis... Empty Domaine David Clark à Morey St Denis...

Message par Dominic Allnutt Jeu 16 Sep 2010 - 0:37

Pour donner suite à une intervention, il y a quelques mois au sujet des vins de David Clark sur ce site, je me permets de vous proposer quelques bouteilles en IP...

Sadly, there wasn't enough juice to go around BUT...

David Clark Bourgogne 2007 32.50$ (en carton de 6) -12 max

David Clark Bourgogne Cote-De-Nuits Villages 2007 42.25$ (en carton de 6) -12 max

Quelques commentaires pertinents sur David et ses vins:

David Schildknecht (

"American-born David Clark invested the return on his work as a Formula One engineer into a house in Morey and the acquisition of old vines of generic appellation (and in 2006 a single barrel’s worth of Morey-St.-Denis). That might seem like a less than modest base of operations, but Clark is dead serious about quality and attention to detail."

"David Clark – for about whose tiny estate and its unusual history consult my report in issue 170 – has exhibited not just conscientious and patient determination to excel, but also political savvy and no doubt a certain amount of luck in finding opportunities to expand his acreage. After acquiring in time for the 2006 vintage a barrel's worth of Morey-St.-Denis, he recently added some village Vosne Romanee, for the rights to which there was keen competition after Regis Forey – in a parallel contest for much higher stakes – was granted permission to purchase a portion of Les Gaudichots santa with the condition that he relinquish a comparable surface area of village classification."

Allen Meadows (

"Producer note: I found this relatively new, certified organic 2 ha domaine by accident when I tasted a stunningly good BGO (which I can tell you is most unusual) and thought that anyone making something this impressive from such a modest appellation must be worth a visit. The domaine was started by David Clark, an ambitious and thoughtful young Scottish-American (born in the US) who caught the burg bug, attended the Lycée Viticole in Beaune, began looking for vineyards and then bought a house in Morey St. Denis. He initially bought two parcels of Bourgogne, then a small piece of Morey villages, which was followed by another parcel of Côte de Nuits-Villages in Brochon. Mr. Clark made it clear that he's always looking for more but concedes that there isn't much available and for anything of quality as competition, and associated prices, are stiff. Still, he exudes the quiet optimism of the patient and says that he already has more than he can easily handle by himself. When I asked how he was managing to coax such quality out of such modest appellations, he replied, "respectful viticultural, very low yields, late picking and as little intervention in the vinification and élevage as I can reasonably manage. I also use very little new wood and bottle by hand without fining or filtration." For example, Clark did not pick in 2007 until September 8th, which is a full week after even many top quality domaines started. Clark modestly pointed out that top domaines have first class vineyards that are better exposed than his and thus ripen earlier. However, when I asked if there was anyone still picking in the same vineyards as his on the 8th, he conceded that there was not. As the scores and comments suggest, the Domaine Clark wines are concentrated, full of character and worthy of your attention as it's rare to find such quality at the bottom of the classification hierarchy. Take a look, I believe you will be impressed."

Wine, Beats & Life...


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Dominic Allnutt
Dominic Allnutt

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